"If cops do stupid stuff, and they break the law, they break policy? Let's get rid of them." - Sheriff David Hutchinson

David, it's time to resign.

'Dishonored The Uniform': Former Sheriff Calls For Hennepin Co. Sheriff Dave Hutchinson To Resign (1-21-2022)"'Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson's actions in my district last December are simply unacceptable from any law enforcement officer. He drove under the influence, with a loaded firearm, at high speeds, without a seatbelt,' Ingebrigtsen said. 'He totaled a county vehicle and lied to other law enforcement officials. He purposefully complicated the situation to confuse his peers and avoid responsibility. Any one of those actions would warrant reconsideration of his position, all of them in one incident are unacceptable. Sheriff Hutchinson has lost the trust of the public and dishonored the uniform. He can no longer be effective. He needs to resign.'"

More calls for Hennepin County Sheriff Hutchinson to resign (1-21-2022) - "The investigation has called into question Hutchinson's account of the crash, for which he has pleaded guilty to fourth-degree DWI and is now serving probation. It also showed he lied to police initially about who was driving his county-issued SUV, saying a cab driver had been driving."

Sheriff Hutchinson Escaped 'Extreme Speed' Charge After DWI Crash (1-21-2022) - "Drivers can have their licenses revoked for six months if they are caught driving at 'extreme' speeds over 100 mph, under Minnesota law. Crash reports show Hutchinson was driving faster than 125 mph seconds before he crashed and rolled his county-owned SUV. But Hutchinson was never charged with driving at an 'extreme' speed because Douglas County Attorney Chad Larson didn't know how fast the sheriff was driving before he pleaded guilty less than two weeks after the crash, FOX 9 reports."

Lawmakers call for Sheriff Hutchinson to resign, investigation into preferential treatment (1-20-2022) - "Minnesota State Representative Kristin Robbins (R-34A) is calling for the Attorney General's Office to investigate whether Hutchinson received special treatment. Hutchinson was able to plead guilty and receive his conviction just 12 days after the crash and before investigators say they learned how fast he was going at the time of the crash. The Douglas County Attorney's Office said not having that information at the time of conviction is "not an anomaly; processing that stuff usually takes time. 'When I saw that 126 miles an hour, any other Minnesotan their driver's license would be revoked and that hasn't happened to him, and he's faced no other real serious consequences," Rep. Robbins said."

Hennepin Co. sheriff was driving over 120 mph, not wearing seatbelt during DWI crash, according to State Patrol (1-20-2022) - "Hutchinson was driving back from a Minnesota Sheriffs' Association conference at the Arrowwood Resort about 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 8, when he crashed the 2021 black Ford Explorer about five miles east of Alexandria on I-94. The crash analysis report showed Hutchinson reached speeds of 126 mph, and that the driver's-side seatbelt was not engaged. Inside the vehicle were three firearms and an unopened bottle of whiskey. Hutchinson was hospitalized with three broken ribs, as well as injuries to his head and hip. At first, he told responding officers that he had not been driving. 'Hutchinson stated multiple times that he was not driving and that he did not know who was driving. Hutchinson stated at one point that he had called a cab and he was a passenger,' Douglas County Deputy Dylan Kriese said in his report."

Sheriff, you're done (1-20-2022) - "In our Dec. 10 editorial, we took pains to emphasize that Hutchinson could have killed someone. At the risk of being macabre, we'd add now that it's lucky he crashed before he did. We reiterate our call for his resignation. The increasingly alarming evidence, his apparent unwillingness to tell the whole story and growing perceptions that the handling of his case may have been preferential all make him unsuited to stay in office. On Thursday, state Rep. Kristin Robbins, R-Maple Grove, urged Attorney General Keith Ellison to review the case, and that may be in order."

Video Shows Hennepin Co. Sheriff Hutchinson Claim He Wasn't Driving After DWI Crash In Dec. (1-20-2022) - "It was a witness who first noticed the crash just five miles outside of Alexandria. 'Saw a guy crawling along the bottom of the ditch, decided to turn around and go help,' the witness said to authorities. 'First thing I asked is if he was OK. He was laying on his right side. The first thing he says to me is, 'I wasn't driving the car.' So I said, 'Is there someone else in there?' He said, 'I don't know, it's not my car.'" The video and audio released Thursday shows what happened moments after Hutchinson crashed the vehicle assigned to him. According to reports, Hutchinson was driving impaired at more than 120 mph, and he was not wearing a seatbelt."

Video: Inebriated Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson after crash (1-20-2022) - "Video from the interior camera of a Douglas County squad vehicle that captured the moments after the high-speed, drunk-driving crash involving Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson was released to the public on Wednesday. One particular video shows Hutchison breathing heavily and slurring his words following the crash on Interstate 94 near Alexandria during the overnight hours of Dec. 8, 2021, after he attended a Minnesota sheriff's conference."

WEB OF LIES: Hutchinson case file shows sheriff repeatedly lied after 126 mph drunk-driving crash (1-20-2022) - "Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson repeatedly lied and attempted to conceal key information after he drunkenly crashed his county-owned car at speeds of more than 120 miles an hour in December, newly released case files indicate. The files indicate Hutchinson claimed that he wasn't driving his county-owned vehicle, attempted to grab for his gun holster while talking with a Douglas County sheriff's deputy, and delayed in providing a urine sample. The files also indicate that Hutchinson lied in previous TV interviews about his decision to get on the road."

Sheriff Hutchinson DWI crash: Key takeaways from newly released investigation files (1-20-2022) - "Law enforcement officers found Hutchinson had three guns at the time of the crash: A patrol rifle, secured in the rear of the SUV. A Smith and Wesson revolver, found laying in the snow nearby other debris and belongings. A handgun, in a holster on Hutchinson's right side when officers arrived on the scene - and which Deputy Kriese then took from him. The deputy wrote that 'upon unloading the firearm, it was loaded with a round in the chamber.' Hutchinson had been charged with carrying a pistol while under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor. The state agreed to a continuance for dismissal on that count as part of the plea agreement."

Hennepin sheriff hit 126 mph drunk before crash; Walz calls on him to resign (1-20-2022) - "The investigative documents say Hutchinson claimed that he'd called a cab and a cab driver had been driving his SUV at the time of the crash. Cab companies called by investigators said they received a call from Hutchinson's number earlier asking them to take him to a bar, but the company explained that the bar would be closed by then and the conversation ended. He did not ask anyone to drive his SUV. "

Patrol: Sheriff Hutchinson driving more than 120 mph before DWI crash (1-20-2022) - "Black box data recovered from Hutchinson's Ford Explorer and analyzed by investigators indicates the sheriff was going 126.2 miles per hour three and a half seconds before the SUV left the road and rolled. Data also showed Hutchinson was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. New photos from the scene reflect the horrendous nature of the crash, and show a bottle of liquor in SUV's interior and Hutchinson's revolver laying in the snow outside the vehicle."

An hour before DWI crash, Hennepin County sheriff called for a ride to a bar (1-20-2022) - "In one police interview, Mark Swanson, owner and operator of Alec-Courier, an Alexandria cab company, told Alexandria investigators about a phone call he received at 1:19 a.m. 'I had a guy call me at 1:20-ish and ask me, 'Any bars still open?' Swanson said during one phone call with police. 'He called me from a 612 number. I said, 'No, by the time I got there to get you, they’d be all closed down.'' He added: 'I never heard back from him again.' Swanson later provided the phone number to police, who confirmed it was Hutchinson's. A second cab company contacted by police said it did not receive a call from the sheriff. Police confirmed that neither cab company drives a customer's car for them, as Hutchinson first claimed."

Dashcam video released in Henn Co. Sheriff Hutchinson's DWI arrest (1-20-2022) - "A search warrant by troopers unsealed on January 4 claims Hennepin County Sheriff Hutchinson initially lied about being behind the wheel of the vehicle after a drunk driving crash in northern Minnesota last month. In the search warrant, an account from Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Rod Eischens states Hutchinson told deputies and witnesses he wasn't driving the vehicle when it wrecked. Instead, while speaking with deputies, the search warrant says Hutchinson claimed he had called a cab and the cab driver had used his vehicle. As part of the search warrant, troopers were working to determine if Hutchinson's DNA was on the driver's side airbag. However, the investigation wouldn't matter as Hutchinson quickly pleaded guilty."

Hennepin County Sheriff's own words clash with his drunk driving crash (1-7-2022) - Just watch the video KARE11 put together. It speaks for itself.

Sheriff Hutchinson Says He'll 'Let The Citizens Decide' His Future In Nov. After Calls For Resignation Following DWI (1-7-2022) - "District 2 Commissioner Irene Fernando said on Twitter Wednesday that she sent a letter to the sheriff urging him to resign, calling his actions 'egregious,' and saying 'his comments since the crash are unjustifiable. The only way to maintain the dignity of the Sheriff's office and to show respect for the laws you are sworn to uphold is to resign immediately,' Fernando wrote. Fernando said the sheriff's comment to Mayerle about drunk driving 'harmfully normalizes dangerous behavior, and it disrespects the approximately 120 Minnesotan families who lost a loved one to alcohol-related crashes in 2021.'"

Majority of Hennepin County Board calls for Sheriff David Hutchinson to resign (1-7-2022) - "Five of the seven county commissioners issued statements this week demanding the resignation of the first-term sheriff. Since he is elected by voters, the board has no authority to remove him from office. Board chairwoman Marion Greene, among the latest to call for his resignation, tweeted Thursday that Hutchinson's 'actions and subsequent comments have eroded public confidence [in] his ability to serve and equitably enforce laws.' Hutchinson is also being investigated by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training, which oversees officer licensing and potential disciplinary actions. State law requires the board to look into the circumstances surrounding Hutchinson's drunken driving conviction after the crash. He was a member of the board for several years."

Growing calls for Hennepin County Sheriff Hutchinson to resign (1-7-2022) - "Hutchinson not only repeatedly denied that he was the driver in the single-vehicle crash but he received criticism when he said 'Everyone has at some point' driven drunk before, to a question from a WCCO reporter who asked if he'd ever been drunk behind the wheel."

State board investigating Hennepin County sheriff's DWI conviction (1-7-2021) - "A search warrant application states Hutchinson told witnesses and deputies at the scene that he wasn't the driver of the county-owned vehicle after it crashed near Alexandria on the morning of Dec. 8. Later in the day, Hutchinson released a statement saying he drove the vehicle after he'd been drinking and apologized for his actions."

Hennepin County Sheriff says he won't resign amid mounting calls for him to step down (1-7-2021) - "Commissioners Marion Greene, Chris LaTondresse, Angela Conley, Irene Fernando and Jeffrey Lunde called for Hutchinson's resignation in separate statements Wednesday and Thursday. Commissioners have power over the county's public safety budget but cannot remove the sheriff from office. 'Hutchinson's actions and subsequent comments have eroded public confidence his ability [sic] to serve and equitably enforce laws,' Greene, the chair of the board, said in a tweet Thursday."

Sheriff Hutchinson should resign (1-6-2021) - "Yes, he was drunk at the time - with a blood alcohol content of 0.13, according to the results of a urine sample he provided later at a hospital - and, yes, drunk people say the dumbest things. Hutchinson's attorney, Fred Bruno, says that the sheriff 'rang his bell' in the crash and that Hutchinson's words at the scene were 'meaningless' as a result. But it is another apparent example of this particular law enforcer flouting the law. Additionally, according to the warrant, a bottle of bourbon 'was observed inside the passenger compartment.' Bruno disputes the allegation, and Hutchinson was not prosecuted for it, but Minnesota law prohibits open containers of alcohol in vehicles. Bruno did Hutchinson no favors in terms of public perception when he complained that state troopers are 'unforgiving' regarding DWIs and 'would charge Mother Teresa.' The sheriff should instruct his attorney to get on board with the message of contrition. Hutchinson gave interviews to several media outlets, including the Star Tribune, in late December, speaking in tones of abashment. But he did not offer any of this additional information, even though he had already reached a plea agreement. As a public official, Hutchinson should have anticipated ongoing scrutiny of his case. He should have just come out with any information the public deserves to know. Which is all of it. Other aspects of his case are murkier but still concerning. They include a booking process - in Ramsey County, not Douglas, nearly two weeks after the crash - that could leave the impression of having been tailored for Hutchinson's convenience, and a pestering sort of law enforcement attention to an independent journalist who photographed Hutchinson's crumpled vehicle at an impound lot in Medina."

Affidavit: Sheriff Hutchinson denied being driver at scene of drunken crash; commissioners call for resignation (1-5-2022) - "Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson initially claimed he wasn't behind the wheel when his county-owned vehicle crashed near Alexandria last month. A search warrant application states Hutchinson told both witnesses and deputies at the scene that he wasn't the driver of the vehicle after it crashed on the morning of Dec. 8. The affidavit states Hutchinson told a deputy several times that he wasn't driving and added that he'd called a cab and the cab driver was driving his county-owned vehicle. Later in the day, Hutchinson released a statement saying he drove the vehicle after he'd been drinking and apologized for his actions. The affidavit notes an open bottle of bourbon was found in Hutchinson's vehicle."

Sheriff Hutchinson mum after trooper says he lied about drunk driving case (1-5-2022) - "It appears Hutchinson has not started repaying Hennepin County for the 2021 Ford Explorer, which the county purchased for $54,000 in December 2020. 'No updates for now,' said Carolyn Marinan, a county spokeswoman, when asked if a repayment plan had been set up."

Warrant: Hennepin Sheriff told officers a cab driver wrecked his squad after drunken crash (1-5-2022) "'We cannot have a sheriff who lies to police officers,' said University of Minnesota Law Professor Richard Painter, who specializes in legal and government ethics. 'It is a crime to lie to a police officer,' Painter said. 'And to have a Hennepin County Sheriff who himself lied to a police officer means that there is no credibility in law enforcement unless we remove him.' Hutchinson was not charged with lying to law enforcement and has not returned KARE 11's request for comment on the claims in the search warrant."

Search warrant: Sheriff Hutchinson denied driving vehicle after DWI crash (1-4-2022) - "In the search warrant, an account from Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Rod Eischens states Hutchinson told deputies and witnesses he wasn't driving the vehicle when it wrecked. Instead, while speaking with deputies, the search warrant says Hutchinson claimed he had called a cab and the cab driver had used his vehicle. As part of the search warrant, troopers were working to determine if Hutchinson's DNA was on the driver's side airbag. However, the investigation wouldn't matter as Hutchinson quickly pleaded guilty. The search warrant also indicates a bottle of 'Eagle Rare Bourbon' was also found in the passenger compartment of the vehicle."

Warrant: Hennepin Co. Sheriff Hutchinson Claimed 'Cab Driver' Was Behind Wheel After DWI Rollover (1-4-2022) - "A deputy who also responded to the crash told the trooper that they found an open bottle of bourbon in the vehicle, and there was 'a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from Hutchinson,' who also had slurred speech and was off balance. The deputy also said Hutchinson told them multiple times that he wasn't driving the SUV, and once said 'he had called a cab and that the cab driver was driving the vehicle.'"

Warrant: Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson initially denied driving vehicle involved in DWI crash (1-4-2022) - "The warrant, filed on Dec. 10, states Hutchinson told both witnesses and responding deputies at the time that he was not the person behind the wheel of the county-owned vehicle involved in a rollover crash on Interstate 94. The documents go on to say a Douglas County sheriff's deputy at the scene noted a 'strong odor of alcoholic beverage,' 'slurred speech,' and 'poor balance' from Hutchinson, as he repeatedly told the officer that he was not driving. The warrant states Hutchinson told the deputy 'he had called a cab' and that 'the cab driver was driving the vehicle.' According to the warrant, deputies also observed a bottle of Rare Eagle Bourbon inside the passenger compartment. "

Sheriff Hutchinson told deputies at crash scene that someone else was driving, search warrant says (1-4-2022) - "A Douglas County sheriff's deputy told a state trooper that Hutchinson was the only person at the crash scene shortly after 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 8 along Interstate 94, and he 'denied being the driver of the vehicle to both witnesses at the scene and deputies upon their arrival. No other individuals were located either inside the vehicle or immediate area.' One of the deputies at the scene informed the trooper that 'Hutchinson told him on several occasions that he was not driving, and at one point, said that he called a cab and that the cab driver was driving the vehicle.'"

Police looked into how journalist got photos of Hennepin County sheriff's wrecked SUV (12-29-2021) - "At the request of Hennepin County officials, a Medina police officer investigated how an independent photojournalist got photos of Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson's totaled, black Ford Explorer he crashed while driving drunk. The officer, Josh McKinley, visited the home of conservative journalist Rebecca Brannon's parents in Eden Prairie after she posted photos on Twitter of the county-owned vehicle Hutchinson crashed near Alexandria, according to a recording of a phone conversation with Brannon provided to the Reformer. 'It startled me,' Brannon said in an interview with the Reformer. 'I was mostly concerned with my parents because they were worried. They worry so much. I think I was more concerned for them.'"

Questions continue to swirl around Hennepin County sheriff as he dismisses calls to resign (12-27-2021) - "But questions continue to swirl around Hutchinson, who received probation and avoided jail time by pleading guilty to misdemeanor DWI in connection with the early morning crash. Hutchinson wasn't booked into jail until Dec. 21 - five days after he'd pleaded guilty. Ramsey County jail records show he was taken into custody around 3:40 p.m., with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office listed as the originating agency."

Photos show Hennepin County Sheriff's mangled car after drunken crash (12-17-2021) - "Independent photojournalist Rebecca Brannon shared more than a dozen photos of the mangled vehicle on Twitter on Thursday. Brannon told Bring Me The News she took the photos in the public Hennepin County lot, saying she did so because the public 'deserves transparency.' Delta-8 hemp gummies and other items can bee seen in the photos of the wrecked vehicle."

Hennepin County Sheriff Charged with Four Misdemeanors (12-11-2021) - "Hutchinson's blood alcohol content was .13 as determined by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension analysis of the urine sample."

Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson Charged With DWI In Rollover Crash (12-10-2021) - "Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson is facing misdemeanor DWI charges in connection to a rollover crash Wednesday morning on Interstate 94 in central Minnesota. The Douglas County Attorney's Office announced Friday that Hutchinson, of Bloomington, is charged with fourth-degree driving while impaired, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 within two hours. According to investigators, the sheriff's blood alcohol content was .13, as determined by a urine sample. Hutchinson is also charged with carrying a pistol under the influence of alcohol."

Hennepin County sheriff charged with four misdemeanor drunken-driving offenses (12-10-2021) - "Hutchinson had attended the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association winter conference Tuesday at the Arrowwood Resort. In a statement shortly after the accident, he said he made the 'inexcusable decision to drive after drinking alcohol.' Bruno said the State Patrol told Hutchinson he was lucky to be alive after rolling his SUV."

Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson facing four charges in connection with crash (12-10-2021) - "The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension determined Hutchinson's blood alcohol content to be .13 after analyzing a urine sample. A Minnesota statute describing penalties for carrying a firearm while under the influence states if Hutchinson is convicted of the charges, he may be prohibited from carrying a pistol for one year."

Charged in DUI crash, Hennepin County sheriff could lose right to carry gun (12-10-2021) - "He is charged with three crimes related to driving while impaired and one for carrying a pistol while under the influence of alcohol, according to the Douglas County attorney's office. Besides potential jail time and fines, Hutchinson will be unable to carry a gun for one year if convicted on the gun charge."

Hennepin Sheriff David Hutchinson 'lucky to be alive,' recovering after alcohol-related crash (12-9-2021) - "The State Patrol puts many serious crashes on its publicly accessible critical incident web page, routinely within a few hours of when they occur. Disclosure of Hutchinson's rollover on that page, however, took much longer. The sheriff's crash was posted on the web page 11 1/2 hours later, after news releases from the state Department of Public Safety and Hutchinson were sent out in quick succession 10-plus hours afterward. A responding trooper knew the Hennepin County sheriff was the driver 'within an hour of the crash,' said Bruce Gordon, chief spokesman for the DPS. There were four other injury crashes listed on the site, including the names of the people in the vehicles, that occurred after Hutchinson's on Wednesday. All four were posted 2 1/2 hours or sooner after the incidents. 'It is not unusual to post a crash on the media web hours after the incident as more information becomes available,' Gordon said. He said that Hutchinson was not administered a preliminary breath test at the scene to measure intoxication. With the option of either taking a urine or blood sample from Hutchinson at the hospital for alcohol content testing, a state trooper chose urine, Gordon said. Many lawyers and law enforcement professionals consider urine samples less accurate than blood samples at detecting alcohol levels."

Sheriff, meet law: A top cop's error (12-9-2021) - "When Hutchinson next faces voters on Nov. 8, 2022 - assuming that remains a viable opportunity for him - he'll wear the following designation alongside 'incumbent': Law enforcer who flouted the law. In the wee hours Wednesday, Hutchinson was involved in vehicle rollover on Interstate 94 near Alexandria, Minn., where he was attending a law enforcement conference. He explained in a subsequent public statement that he had made the 'inexcusable decision to drive after drinking alcohol.' The county vehicle he was driving was the only one involved, and he was the only occupant, suffering noncritical injuries - matters of considerable fortune given the worst-case scenarios that could have played out. He could have killed someone."

KARE 11 Investigates: DOC and jails fail to report pregnant inmates shackled (12-1-2021) - "In September 2020, Shlafer reported that a Hennepin County inmate had been shackled shortly after giving birth. A DOC inspector responded and told Shlafer that she spoke with the county's womenss unit supervisor, and that the county was doing an 'internal review.' 'From my understanding they had a plan in place for this person and are reviewing this policy to see where it can be changed to keep this from happening again,' the DOC inspector wrote to Shlafer. Although the county appeared to confirm there had been shackling, the promised review didn't happen. When KARE 11 requested the results of that internal investigation and policy changes made, a Hennepin County spokeswoman sent the following statement: 'The Minnesota Department of Corrections requested a policy review, which we acknowledge did not occur in a timely manner, but is now underway.' That case - and Sara's shackling - both took place in 2020, but Hennepin County reported zero instances of using restraints on pregnant inmates last year to the DOC, records show. Even though records reveal the Corrections Department was aware of one of the incidents, its annual report to the legislature also listed zero shackling cases in the county."

KARE 11 Investigates: Jailed, innocent, in labor - and shackled (10-28-2021) - "The night would end with 26-year-old Sara alone in the Hennepin County jail, booked for a crime she did not commit, weeping in searing pain and in labor. Her 26-year-old husband sat behind bars in another part of the jail, arrested after he says he defended his wife and unborn child against what he thought were home invaders. Instead, they turned out to be police, raiding his home because they wrongly suspected he was working with a small-time shoplifter. After Sara said she spent the next day and a half begging jail guards for help, her water broke. Then, records and interviews show, she was taken to a hospital shackled to the ambulance gurney and then to a hospital bed. The American Medical Association calls restraining pregnant women during the birthing process 'barbaric.' An expert who reviewed the case says it was a clear violation of state law. In 2014, the Minnesota legislature made it illegal for jails and prisons to restrain pregnant women unless they were safety and security risks. 'Based on the facts of the case I have, nothing suggests that it was legal to restrain this woman in the way that she was,' said Rebecca Shlafer, a University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics assistant professor who was part of a team that advocated for the ban. 'This is a very clear case in which the law has been violated,' Shlafer said after reviewing the case for KARE 11."

Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson said he'd change the way his office works with immigration enforcement. Critics say the jail still referred 1,000 inmates to ICE. (9-23-2021) - "But public records first obtained by the Decriminalizing Communities Coalition show that between February and August of 2019 - the first year of Hutchinson's term - the Sheriff's Office shared information with ICE about 711 inmates. The charges listed on the 711 inmates include drug offenses, DWIs, and assaults. Other cases spell out lesser charges like loitering and driving without insurance. The data isn't specific about the nature of the communications, but Minneapolis immigration attorney Danielle Robinson Briand said that in many cases like these, ICE is making the request to be notified when an inmate with an ICE detainer is scheduled for release from the jail. Robinson Briand called the detainer 'the starting point of the deportation process.' 'Once they determine a person is removable, they will issue that detainer,' she said. 'Then, ICE could come and pick the person up on their release date and transfer them to an ICE detainment facility.'"

Minnesota activists demand an end to police tactics used against demonstrators (4-16-2021) - "At a press conference on Thursday activists demanded Democratic-Farmer-Labor Gov.Tim Walz end his administration's use of fascist, police-state like tactics to sweep protesters off the streets in Brooklyn Center, the city where Daunte Wright was killed. Attorney and civil rights activist, Nekima Levy Armstrong, demanded the immediate removal of John Harrington, the Gov.Walz appointee that heads the state's Department of Public Safety. 'It does not matter, that he is Black,' she said referring to Harrington. 'He cannot hide behind his race and think that we are going to ignore the brutality that he has ordered. He has established a joint task force that is a terror force against Black people, brown people, indigenous people.' Nightly officers from a consortium of area law enforcement agencies in the northwest suburbs descend on the area outside the city police building to enforce the curfew. Dressed in high-tech combat and swat team gear they sweep along the streets as they launch tear gas and flashbang grenades ahead of them. Residents report the gasses seep into nearby apartment buildings and homes and the grenades frighten their children. The neighborhood surrounding the police building includes apartment buildings and homes predominantly occupied by people of color. The City of Brooklyn Center is majority people of color. 'If those homes had been inhabited by white, affluent families, we would have not seen what we are seeing today,' said Jaylani Hussein, Executive Director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN)."

Can Drivers Be Pulled Over For An Air Freshner? (4-16-2021) - "Brad Haywood, executive director of Justice Forward Virginia, an advocacy organization for criminal justice reform, said as a public defender, he's represented dozens of people who have been pulled over for having items dangling from their rearview mirrors, including air fresheners and rosary beads. 'I do not remember in my career as a defense attorney representing someone stopped for an obstructed view who was white,' he said. 'It's just been Black and brown people.'"

Clashes in Brooklyn Center open rift over law enforcement tactics (4-16-2021) - "Ongoing clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement at Brooklyn Center police headquarters are sparking sharp criticism of the military-style presence and tactics used to control demonstrations in the wake of Sunday's police killing of Daunte Wright. A small but growing coalition of activists and Democratic elected leaders have called on Gov. Tim Walz and the law enforcement groups involved with Operation Safety Net to stand down or stop using so-called flash-bang devices and chemical irritants to control protesters who have converged at the police station every night since Sunday. A group of 35 community groups, unions and social justice organizations called for an immediate end to the police and military presence, saying authorities are using unnecessarily aggressive and dangerous tactics. 'We are horrified by the state's preemptive force against its people, and the compounding trauma caused by the state against Black, brown and Indigenous communities,' the group said in a statement. 'Punishing people for grieving police violence with militarized force is not leadership - it is violence.'"

Tensions build between Gov. Tim Walz, progressives over Brooklyn Center response (4-16-2021) - "And Walz is facing a backlash for not roundly condemning tear gas and projectiles used in the first nights of protests in Brooklyn Center, prompting some DFL activists and officials to call for an end to using these tactics on crowds responding to police violence. 'That is trauma upon trauma upon trauma and abuse at the hands of those who are pretending to protect and serve,' civil rights lawyer and activist Nekima Levy Armstrong said outside the Brooklyn Center police headquarters at the center of protests this week. 'Governor Walz needs to step forward, he needs to push for accountability, he needs to call for an end to that type of abuse."

Brooklyn Center Leaders Asking Outside Law Enforcement to Scale Back Engagement with Protesters (4-16-2021) - "People who live in the area say many of their neighbors are staying in hotels or with relatives to avoid the noise as well as the tear gas that seeps into their homes. 'We can't just have our window open any more without thinking about if there's going to be some gas coming in,' said 16-year-old Xzavion Martin, adding that rubber bullets and other projectiles have landed on his apartment's second-story balcony. 'There's kids in this building that are really scared to come back.' The tactics have not sat well with Brooklyn Center city officials, who passed a resolution Monday banning the city's officers from using tear gas and other chemicals, chokeholds, and police lines to arrest demonstrators. Mayor Mike Elliott, who is Black, said at a news conference Wednesday that 'gassing is not a human way of policing' and he didn't agree with police using pepper spray, tear gas and paintballs against demonstrators. "

Police back off on 5th night of protests in Brooklyn Center (4-16-2021) - "Protesters by the hundreds have gathered outside the heavily secured Brooklyn Center Police Department each night since 20-year-old Daunte Wright, a Black man, was fatally shot by a police officer during a traffic stop April 11. But in contrast to protests between Sunday and Wednesday, authorities used a less aggressive strategy on Thursday night, and the result was a far more more peaceful situation that saw no protesters being struck by rubber marking rounds, pepper spray, shock grenades or tear gas. Police did not discharge any weapons on the crowd, even after the city's 10 p.m. curfew passed. Instead, police were backed away from a newly reinforced fence and barricade surrounding the police department. They also never issued a dispersal order, never forming lines of riot gear-dressed officers to march through the streets with batons."

Despite curfew, fifth night of Brooklyn Center protest ends with no dispersal (4-16-2021) - "Contrasting with previous nights, law enforcement officers stayed well back from the fence. At least a dozen rifle-bearing National Guard members watched the protest from the station's roof, while others walked the ground inside the fences, well away from the fences pocked with air fresheners and umbrellas. The more subdued law enforcement response followed expressions of difference Wednesday and Thursday between Brooklyn Center leaders and the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, which is leading the defense of the police building, over the use of tear gas and other aggressive crowd dispersal methods. The majority of Thursday's protesters were peaceful. Through the night, many of them hung vehicle air fresheners on the fence, a reference to Wright's mother's statement that her son had one dangling from his car's rearview mirror when he was stopped. The scents of new car, blackberry, cherry and green apple mingled with that of barbecued meat across the protest area."

Residents near Brooklyn Center Police Dept. caught in the crossfire of ongoing protests (4-15-2021) - "'It's like tear gas being shot over here,' said Tolliver. 'Rubber pellets being shot over here. We're right at ground zero. It's like being in a third world country where don't nobody care.' Jamaya Crayton captured cell phone video of the unrest. It's a snapshot of what she sees from her second story apartment every night. 'It's like a war going on in the middle of your front yard and there is nothing you can do,' said Crayton. The other day, she found a rubber bullet shell on her balcony. She says all the loud noises are particularly upsetting to her three-year-old daughter and two young nieces who have autism and don't understand what is happening. 'I'm tired,' said Crayton. 'I'm tired every day. I haven't gotten any sleep my kids are coughing. They are uncomfortable, scared and it's really pissing me off because there is nothing I can do.'"

Nightly Brooklyn Center protests met with curfews, tear gas, arrests (4-15-2021) - "Law enforcement have lined up in the parking lots and lawns of the apartments across the street, blocking residents from entering or leaving their homes. Tear gas and other chemical irritants set off by police have hung in the air around the residents' homes for several nights in a row. Law enforcement officers have shot tear gas canisters onto porches of the apartment buildings, where protesters and residents have scrambled to extinguish them. The protests die down during the day, but the area still bears the marks of the police retaliation. Apartment lawns are streaked with tire tracks, and the street is littered with police paint markers. At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, projectiles left over from the night before exploded three different times over the course of an hour. "

Overall, a better response to protests (4-15-2021) - "Violence also jeopardizes residents caught in the crossfire between protesters and law enforcement, particularly with the use of chemical agents such as tear gas - a tactic that Elliott has decried. To his credit, Elliott stood up for another First Amendment guarantee: a free press. Journalists have the right and responsibility to report on the protests. That right was jeopardized Tuesday by an irresponsible call for media members to disperse. And some have been injured this week, including two from the Star Tribune. State, county and local political leaders - as well as Minnesota National Guard leadership - need to unequivocally tell those responding to the protests that journalists, and more profoundly the First Amendment, needs to be protected. Amid the glare of the Chauvin trial, which is being covered by foreign and national correspondents, the international image of Minnesota is undergoing enduring damage. No Minnesotan should want their cities to be seen as armed encampments, with National Guard forces joining law enforcement in cordoning off buildings and pushing back and ultimately arresting protesters. Nor should they want to see a repeat of the chaos of last May, which left literal and figurative scars on Minneapolis and St. Paul. What the world will hopefully see going forward is an earnest attempt by authorities to allow for legitimate expression of First Amendment rights by peaceful protests and a free and unfettered press."

'I'm scared because of that booming': A preschooler and her family watch protests, police in Brooklyn Center. (4-15-2021) - "Four-year-old Tenea Anderson loves that she gets to watch cartoons in the hotel room she has been staying in with her family over the last few days. But she keeps asking her mom, Tenean Manier, to turn the channel so she can watch the news. 'This little girl, with how much she loves cartoons, now she requests to watch CNN,' Manier said. 'Because she's like, 'I want to check on the house.'' Their apartment building is on Humboldt Avenue, right by the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Tenea said she's seen a lot of people on TV standing outside her balcony with umbrellas. She said the loud noises outside her apartment were scary. 'I'm scared because of that booming,' she said, '[I hid] under the bed.' After Daunte Wright was shot and killed by a Brooklyn Center police officer Sunday afternoon, Manier said Tenea didn't sleep most of the night. Nobody did. 'She got under the bed, she was crying, she didn't know what was going on,' Manier said. 'She was like, 'Mommy what is that? I'm scared.'' The area around the family's building quickly filled with protesters, then police officers and flash-bangs. Manier said it felt like their neighborhood had suddenly become a war zone. 'I said, 'We're OK. I'm here to protect you,'' Manier said. 'But I honestly didn't know or couldn't find the words to try to explain to my 4-year-old daughter what is going on in the world we live in today.'"

No tear gas used as police, protesters engage for a 4th night in Brooklyn Center (4-15-2021) - "There were also reports of residents from local apartment buildings being caught up in the police response, with at least one appearing to be detained by officers, while members of the media were also held at points and required to present ID to be photographers."

Fewer arrests, calmer scene on fourth night of Brooklyn Center protests (4-14-2021) - "VanPelt and others questioned the need for the heavy police presence. 'How are we the violent ones? They're the ones ready for war,' she said of the National Guard members and riot police behind fortified fences across the street. At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Elliott urged protesters to remain peaceful and abide by the curfew, but he also made it clear that he didn't agree with policing tactics against protesters and the members of the media, who were asked to leave Tuesday night. 'I did initially ask for mutual aid,' he said. 'The operation last night was under the auspices of the Sheriff's Office. And that's all I'll say about that.' Elliott was asked whether this was a 'democratic crisis' given that he doesn't agree with law enforcement's response of tear gas and pepper spray but only has control over his own officers. He said most of his officers were responding to 911 calls across the city. 'Our Police Department was not engaged in using any pepper spray or gas,' he said, adding that there needs to be a different approach to policing. 'Gassing is not a humane way of policing.'"

Daunte Wright Shooting: Demonstrators And Police Clash For 4th Night In Brooklyn Center (4-14-2021) - "Halfway through the protest, Hennepin County Sheriff's deputies arrived, agitating some protesters. A potential clash is why some nonprofits, like Trey Pollard's We Push for Peace, is back here again."

'It's absolutely terrorizing': Residents near Brooklyn Center unrest rattled by clashes, tear gas (4-14-2021) - "'It's absolutely terrorizing,' he said as he wiped away welling tears. 'I moved across from a police station because I thought it'd be safe.' Fiebelkorn lives in Sterling Square Apartments, which is a group of four buildings with about 50 apartments directly across from the Brooklyn Center Police Department. The block has been ground zero for mass demonstrations since Sunday, when 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed by Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop. Potter, who has since resigned from the Police Department, was charged Wednesday with second-degree manslaughter. Law enforcement officers have clashed with the protesters, using tear gas, flash-bang grenades and projectiles to clear the crowds. For those living in the apartments nearby, that has meant finding bright green marking rounds and gas canisters landing on their balconies. It has meant sleepless nights of trying to watch through windows while fearing a projectile will fly through the glass. And even for those residents who did try going to bed, the coughing caused by the tear gas was often enough to keep them awake. 'My place smells like smoke and there are times when it's hard to breathe,' said Jamiya Crayton, 24. She's been stuffing wet towels around her windows, but it's not enough, she said."

Caught in the crosshairs: Residents who live near Brooklyn Center police station describe fear, chaos (4-14-2021) - "'People are bringing food and water, the community's coming together. It's really amazing to see. I love seeing it,' she said. The Brooklyn Center resident said protestors broke out into disorder because police first shot with rubber bullets and flash bangs. 'When they aim it just goes anywhere. It's like hitting the building, hitting peoples cars, hitting people,' Johnson explained."

Tear gas at bedtime: Brooklyn Center residents, including kids, suffer from aggressive police tactics to quell Daunte Wright protests (4-13-2021) - "Children suffering from tear gas exposure, even though they are at home and in bed. A man hit in the hand by what appeared to be a pellet from crowd-control munitions. A guest arrested while trying to park his car. The Sterling Square Apartments are a two-building complex that stands directly across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department. For the last several nights, the lawn in front of the buildings has become the center of protests over the killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Law enforcement has repeatedly deployed blunt crowd control tactics that disrupt the protests, but also sweep in people who live nearby. On Monday, the second night of protests, the aggressive crowd control tactics were deployed shortly after the city passed a resolution banning their use by the BCPD. Nuwoe Larblah, a Liberian immigrant, lives with his partner and two children, an 11-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son. On the first night, Sunday, Larblah said tear gas got into his apartment and irritated his children, even though his doors and windows were closed. His partner took the kids to stay with his mother the next night. 'The first night was really hectic,' he said, but the children are fine now. Larblah blames the police for the chaos, and is still shaken by the killing of Wright."

Brooklyn Center Police Use Tear Gas on Crowd 15 Minutes After Its Use Was Banned (4-13-2021) - "On Monday night, the Brooklyn Center City Council passed a resolution banning the use of crowd control tactics like rubber bullets, protester kettling and tear gas. A mere 15 minutes later, the police were already breaking that rule, according to reports. Videos show the police launching canisters of tear gas on protesting crowds on Monday night shortly after the rule was passed. The crowd was protesting the police-perpetrated killing of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man shot and killed by a police officer in the Minneapolis suburb this weekend. Videos from later in the night show the police continuing to use the banned tear gas on protesters, spraying protesters with pepper spray and using stun guns to disperse the crowd. "

'That's excessive force': California woman captures Norwalk teen's arrest at Iowa Capitol on video (4-9-2021) - "Barely a day after witnessing a teenager being arrested by Iowa State Patrol inside the Capitol, a California woman witnessed another arrest while protesting outside the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis. In the middle of an interview with Local 5's Rachel Droze, the woman, who goes by the name Aesthetics, turned her camera around to capture her friend being arrested. Local 5 reached out to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office to find out why Aesthetics's friend was arrested. As of Friday evening, we have yet to hear back. "

'Jan. 6 changed everything': Will Capitol riot mark a return to fortress policing? (4-8-2021) - "A presidential study group formed in 2015 after Ferguson, known as the 21st Century Policing Task Force, seized on the paramilitary tactics used by police as often more provocative than pacifying, saying those methods threatened to undermine community trust in law enforcement. 'Law enforcement culture should embrace a guardian - rather than a warrior - mindset to build trust and legitimacy both within agencies and with the public,' the task force concluded. 'Law enforcement cannot build community trust if it is seen as an occupying force coming in from outside to rule and control the community.'"

Rotation of protesters chain themselves to courthouse fence during Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis (3-30-2021) - "One man sitting on the street side of the fence was suddenly handcuffed by a group of Hennepin County sheriff's deputies Thursday afternoon. Bystanders said he had received a citation for trespassing early that morning. About 10 protesters confronted the deputies as they placed the man in a squad car, asking what he had done wrong. No others were arrested."

Recent police misconduct in St. Paul and Minneapolis have raised alarm (3-26-2021) - "The timing of the actions has led some to suspect that these are provocations and that the officers may purposely be attempting to provoke young people into returning violence for violence. 'The police are trying to get us to do something so they will have an excuse to shoot us. Yeah, I think it's a provocation; I think they are trying to set us up to do something stupid. They keep pushing us,' said Cameron Clark, cousin of Jamar Clark who was killed by Minneapolis police officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze in November of 2015. ... Adding even more tension to an already tense scene - as police took the youth they attacked in custody - eight Hennepin County Sheriff deputies arrived and walked among the crowd of youth dressed in SWAT gear carrying assault rifles. 'Yesterday there was not one police officer willing to be a human to those children,' said Toussaint Morrison, an anti-police violence activist who repeated his statement for effect.'"

Minneapolis residents demand transparency after police inflate carjacking charges (3-9-2021) - "Police and the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office said that aggressive enforcement and helicopter surveillance netted 87 arrests and dozens of felony charges during carjacking crackdowns this winter in south Minneapolis. But a Star Tribune analysis of Hennepin County jail rosters on the days the helicopter was in use could not verify authorities' claims that the operations 'resulted in 41 felony-level arrests' in December and 46 arrests with '69 felony-level charges' in January. When pressed on the issue, city officials later acknowledged that just 15 of those cases were actually charged, though police say many remain under investigation. The enforcement campaign's inflated success is deeply concerning to many south Minneapolis residents who endured days of low-flying helicopter operation that now has them questioning the value of the surveillance and wondering what other information authorities were collecting."

KARE 11 Investigates: Mother sues Hennepin County following son's jail death (3-4-2021) - "As KARE 11 has previously reported, Powell was Hennepin County's 10th in-custody death since 2015 and part of a pattern of failures at the jail. In six of those cases, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC), which licenses jails, cited Hennepin County for improper well-being checks after inmates died at the jail and its workhouse, records show. In at least three cases, records show guards falsified logs to show they made checks that never happened. In two other deaths, KARE 11 discovered there's no record the state ever completed the legally mandated review so it's unknown if failed checks played a role. A month after Powell died, the DOC sanctioned Hennepin County when the state agency completed its biennial inspection of the jail and found repeated failures to follow state law and properly supervise the inmates in its care."

KARE 11 Investigates: Deadly pattern at Hennepin jail (2-4-2021) - "While most of the deaths KARE 11 reviewed at the Hennepin County Jail happened under the watch of previous Sheriff Rick Stanek, the problem continued under current Sheriff David Hutchinson. Three inmates have died after he took over. He was also the sheriff when the DOC sanctioned the jail after the 2020 biennial inspection. For months KARE 11 has made repeated interview requests to Hutchinson for this story, but he has refused. Instead a spokesman sent a lengthy statement about reform measures being implemented."

Protesters question police shooting of Dolal Idd (1-5-2021) - "'We can show more humanity and more restraint when we are doing jobs,' said Jenkins. 'We have to respect people's humanity. The screaming and yelling, it seemed a little over the top.' 'The raid was abhorrent,' said Levy Armstrong. 'They raided their family home in the middle of the night and handcuffed and zip-tied them, and they weren't sensitive to the special needs child in the house. And they were not even shown a warrant when asked why they were raiding their home.'"

Police raided the home of an older Somali couple, bound their wrists, and yelled at their small children. Then the police told them their son was shot dead. (1-1-2021) - "Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman visited the family and watched the body camera footage along with Dolal's father at City Hall on Thursday. Jamal condemned the way the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office and the BCA conducted the home search. 'They treated the family badly,' Jamal told Sahan Journal. 'They did not tell the family why they were there, they woke up the kids, and tied up the parents' hands. And they did all these while not notifying the family of the killing of their son.' The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) has called for an investigation of the fatal police shooting of Dolal. 'We must see all the videos and we demand justice for Dolal Idd,' said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of CAIR-MN. 'We also are outraged after learning [of] the terrifying home raid that could have resulted in tragedy.'"

Police use of facial recognition technology soars in Minnesota (12-4-2020) - "They show that outside agencies used the Sheriff's Office facial recognition platform 516 times through the first nine months of 2020, far more than any previous year. The Sheriff's Office processed 308 such requests all of last year, up from 18 in 2015. The program's users range from the obvious - St. Paul police, with 83 requests in five years - to the obscure - the state Department of Commerce, which used facial recognition as part of an insurance fraud investigation. Regional drug task forces were also regular clients. Among federal agencies, the Drug Enforcement Agency has used the system 14 times, according to the figures, the FBI six times, Homeland Security twice, the U.S. Postal Inspector once, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives 10 times, all in the past two years. The agency's biggest client, the Minneapolis Police Department, has for years deflected questions about its use of the technology. "

6 months after George Floyd was killed, the untold arrest of an ex-Illinois state trooper (11-25-2020) - "'They put me in a holding cell' Cooper said. 'So I asked what was I being charged with. They looked on the papers and they said, we have no charges.' Twenty hours later he was released without charges, or an apology. His release even then required the intervention of his company in Los Angeles, and friends in the Chicago legal community, who went back to the Minnesota governor's office - the same governor who had apologized for a similar CNN arrest just a day earlier. But Cooper said, in his case, there was no public proclamation or anything else. He said nothing has changed in the past six months. A mugshot and inmate booking sheet were the only documents provided by authorities following I-Team open records requests of the county sheriff, state police and the governor's office. The jail record cites a criminal weapons count and that Cooper was 'released pending complaint.' But a complaint has never been filed. Michael Cooper said there was only one explanation for what happened to him. 'Honestly, I didn't want to go this route," said Cooper. 'I think it was because of the color of my skin..... I'd do believe that. I'm still trying to cope with it and you know I still wake up thinking about it. How can this happen?' Cooper - still a lawman at heart - now questions whether some very innocent people are locked up under the law. A feeling he never thought he'd have."

Hennepin County employee under investigation for suspected child porn (11-17-2020) - "A search warrant affidavit filed Monday said the employee, who was not identified in the document, 'had access to minor children through their employment position.' The affidavit did not provide details about the employee, their job assignment, current job status or whether the images were created while they were on the job. Hennepin County sheriff's spokesman Jeremy Zoss said the case is under investigation and could not provide additional details. County spokeswoman Carolyn Marinan said the employee in question worked in the department of community corrections and rehabilitation. They were hired in May 2000 and were placed on leave on Oct. 30, 2020 because of an ongoing internal investigation. The employee earned an annual salary of $82,159."

Lawsuit seeks to block eviction of homeless people from Minneapolis parks (10-20-2020) - "Per MPR News, one of the plaintiffs in the suit, Henrietta Brown, says she was awoken at 4 a.m. in the rain in September by police officers 'shaking her tent and shining a bright light in her face,' with the officers telling her she had 30 minutes to get out despite not having received an eviction notice. She says she was evicted so quickly she wasn't able to grab all her belongings, including her ID, which prevented her from getting a spot at a shelter"

Ramsey County Sheriff's Department introducing body-worn cameras (9-27-2020) - "Ramsey County is now the 3rd-largest department in the state with body worn cameras. State Patrol and the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department do not yet have body worn cameras."

Family calls for accountability after 23-year-old dies following apparent suicide attempt at Hennepin County Jail (9-21-2020) - "It stemmed from an arrest in January, when he was accused of bringing metal knuckles, considered a dangerous weapon, into the Hennepin County Government Center. Powell was accepted into Mental Health Court in July. The sheriff's office said deputies found him unresponsive during 'routine inmate health and wellness checks' around 5:45 p.m. on Sept. 11. 'The guards said they found him ... about 20 minutes later and gave CPR,' said Sharp Akbar-Bey. 'Why was he by himself? Why wasn't there an escort? Why wasn't there someone to watch him?' State law requires deputies conduct inmate checks every 30 minutes. If an inmate is mentally ill or potentially suicidal, 'more frequent observation' is required. The sheriff's office wouldn't say if Powell had that designation, deferring to Hennepin Healthcare whose nurses provide initial booking exams. Hennepin Healthcare wouldn't confirm Powell's status, citing privacy laws. It appears from court records Powell was in crisis."

Inmate at Hennepin County Jail dies in 'apparent suicide' (9-17-2020) - "An inmate at Hennepin County Jail died on Thursday, six days after being found unresponsive in his jail cell. The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office describes the 23-year-old man's death as 'an apparent suicide,' with the inmate found in his cell at 5:45 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11, during a routine health and wellness check."

Hennepin County weed bust brag gets laughed at online (8-28-2020) - "The sheriff's department didn't respond to interview requests, and the local police department deferred to their county counterparts, so it's hard to say what kind of reaction, exactly, was expected from the public. But it probably wasn't this one. 'What halfwit PR numbskull thought this would help law enforcement look *good*?' a Reddit user who saw the post on Nextdoor said. 'Every. Single. Person. (Including Republicans) I know in the Twin Cities area supports legalization. Glad our sheriff's department is putting our tax dollars to quality use.'"

Maple Grove Man Dies By Suicide In Hennepin County Jail: Examiner (7-26-2020) - "Authorities said as part of his plea, and 'due to the violent nature of the murder,' Fury was expected to get 38 years in prison, or 12.5 years more than presumptive guideline sentencing. Fury was housed in a cell by himself at the time of his death, police said."

Law Enforcement Scoured Protester Communications and Exaggerated Threats to Minneapolis Cops, Leaked Documents Show (6-26-2020) - "In the days that followed, the Minnesota Fusion Center and the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Criminal Information Sharing and Analysis Unit disseminated the RSVP counts for protest-related events, apparently taken from Facebook. 'At the time of reporting, 833 people indicated online that they are attending, while 3,300 people appear interested,' read a note about a protest event titled 'Justice 4 George Floyd - Stop Police Crimes - Free Them All.' 'I'm laughing because we know they're monitoring us,' said Sam Martinez, a spokesperson for one of the organizations that planned the event, the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar. Martinez estimated that 5,000 people attended and said organizers had not heard of any violence taking place, adding that the monitoring was 'ridiculous.'"

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